Tarzan ropes

Get a real adrenaline kick! With climbing equipment and professional instructor, you can jump from 9 or 14 meters and swing back and forth.

Marked hiking trails and skiing trails

The area has nine marked hiking trails of various length and difficulty. Here, you can bump into elk, deer, reindeer, venison, beaver, and capercaille bird. All the hiking trails lead to lookout points with fantastic views of Nisser and the surrounding mountains.

Pick your own berries

The forests around Fjone are known for being good berry fields. People come from far and wide to fill their freezers with mushrooms, blueberries, lingonberries and cloudberries. In the old days, export of blueberry to the mining areas in England was an important secondary income for many households.

Rock climbing

Nissedal as a climbing area was discovered mainly by german climbers in the late 80’s. During the 90’s, Nissedal became ever more popular among norwegian, swedish and danish climbers. Today, the area is one of the most visited in Norway. Here you will find more than 20 different mountain areas with lovely smooth and rugged rock climbing on hard granite of all degrees of difficulty. Most of the routs are easily accessible. I addition, you will find fantastic bouldering challenges, especially near Hægefjell. Today, people are climbing in Nissedal almost all year. During winter, you can find ice trails (see Norsk Klatring des. 2000). Starting in 2017, Nissedal will be hosting a climbers’ festival in august!


There are multiple, different areas nearby for rapelling from 15 to 50 meters.

Nissedal Climbing Centre

Nissedal Climbing Centre is a part of Nisser Hyttegrend og Camping. Here you will find an indoor climbing wall and bouldering room. The centre is used by climbers as well as tourists and groups of various sorts. Here you can climb on your own if you have enough experience. Many climbers stay in our cabins, in tents on the camping area, or in Storgamma (see the Storgamma page).

Some clibers also go tenting by the foot of our most populær mountain, Hægefjell, where we have set up a simple climbers’ camp with a latrine, garbage cans, and grilling site to safeguard this unique area.

Summit hiking – Hægefjell

One of the highest peaks in Nissedal of 1022 mosl.

Norwegian and german climbers discovered the unique mountains in Nissedal in the late 80’s. The majestic Hægefjell has for the last 20 years become one of the visited climbing mountains in Norway, with about 50 different routs in all degrees of difficulty. One of the most widely known routs for unexperienced climbers can be found here: Via Lara. Participants of the norwegian TV show “71 Grader Nord” attempted this precise route in 2010. Along the first part of the route, there are large rocks. They are used for climbing or bouldering, as it is called when you climb on boulders and rocks without climbing gear.


Nissedal is an Eldorado for biking! Here are webs of biking paths for miles, and the road around lake Nisser, with the Fjone ferry as a natural attraction, is diligently used by bikers! Many forrest roads and gravel roads provide the opportunity to get onto the highlands on two wheels.