Nissedal municipality is in the western part of Telemark, and offers great nature and a wide selection of activities all year.

Nissedal covers an area of 908 km2 and has 1400 residents.

Nisser is one of the largest inland lakes in Telemark and is a dominating landmark with inviting sand beaches and smooth rock shores surrounded by polished, tall mountains. The forty kilometre long and up to 250m deep lake contains pure, clean drinking water. Nissedal has its name from Nisser, which likely hails from old norwegian “Nidrsær”, meaning “The nether lake”. Along Nisser, you can find rare rock paintings, burial mounds, and several other relics from ancient settlers.

There are 1750 larger and smaller lakes in the forests and highland of Nissedal. This is an Eldorado for water enthusiasts, and on Fjone one can find kilometre long sand beaches. There are also great opportunities for canoeing, water sports, and fishing in the lakes and rivers. The climate is very nice, and the terrain promises great hiking experiences, summer as well as winter. The municipality has various businesses, among the most important are agriculture, forestry, fur, power production, and tourism.