Cabin for 6 persons

Our five 6 person cabins lie only 5 meters from the shore of lake Nisser. The shallow sand beach is well suited for children. Each cabin comes with its own rowing boat that can be used for fishing or other trips around the lake. Motor boat for rent is also available. Each cabin also has its own outdoor sitting area.

The cabins have 6 sleeping spaces; one master bedroom with double bed, and one room with 4 bunk beds. The living room has a sitting area with TV and kitchen with stove, hot plates, refrigerator, and coffee machine. Bathroom with shower and WC. Two of the cabins are wheelchair accessible.

Log cabin

The log cabin is placed right next to the six person cabins. It has 5 sleeping spaces divided between one bedroom with a twin size bed and a bunk bed, and a twin size sofabed in the living room. Bathroom with shower and WC. It has the same appliances as the six persons cabins, but in stead of a stove, it has two hotplates. The cabin also has its own rowing boat.


Eldhuset was built in 1911. It has now been restored to a cosy cabin with 6 to 8 sleeping spaces in one bedroom with four bunk beds, a loft with two sleeping spaces, and a twin size sofabed in the living room. The kitchen has the same appliances as the six person cabins. Bathroom with shower and WC. The cabin also has its own rowing boat.


In the 2nd floor of Heimistøga, we have excellent apartments in traditional Telemark style with canopied beds and more. The apartments cover 120 m2 plus a large porch, and it has sleeping spaces for 14 people divided on two rooms for five persons and one room for four persons, each with its own sitting area, shower and WC. There is a large common kitchen with a fireplace oven, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and coffee machine. Rowing boat is included. This is excellent for multiple families or groups!

Camping cabins

We have two simple camping cabins, each with four sleeping spaces, refrigerator, and hot plate.


Storgamma has space for 30 people and is the perfect choice for larger groups. It has a large fireplace in the middle of the room and a separate cooking area with a double hot plate. Outside, 5 meters from the shore, there is a grill with roof and sitting places for 50 people. We make our own activity program for groups.